Motor Driven Type Cable Reel


Motor Driven Type Cable Reel


Product Description

Motor Driven Type Cable Reel is for winding or rewinding cables, erected lifting magnet, electric bed trailer, cranes, hydraulic grab bucket and other heavy mobile equipments.

Features and Benefits

driven by magnetic field
safe for operation
attractive appearance
compact form
Smart and convinient operation

General Specification

Cable Reel
Weight (kg): 720~920
No. Of Motors: 1~5 (specified)
Cable(round or flat)
Coiled Length(m): 50-200
Current (A): 110-320 (specified)
Voltage(V): Specified

Erection and Coiling Type

A-Vertical Coiling
B-Reverse Wheel Vertical Coiling
C-Ground Horizontal Coiling (fixed reel)
D-Ground Horizontal Coiling (moving reel)
E-Suspending Horizontal Coiling
F-Suspending Coiling